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How to play geographiQ?

Find out how many Countries, States, Provinces, Counties, Capitals, Cities and Flags you actually know!

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Playing GeographiQ

is a fun way to learn geography regardless if you are a complete beginner or if you want to improve your knowledge. Easy to play and easy to improve your skills. It offers almost 50 different games and you just have to look at the highlighted area on the map and pick one of the four different answers. With the 50/50 button you can easily find the right answer, just click the button and two incorrect answers will disappear.

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Reviews geographiQ for Android

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AppsTimes in India has reviewed our Android app!

Through playing, you can significantly improve your IQ about the world.

The app has all the six continents in its interface; this makes it universal, as it is applicable to any part of the world. It has further been equipped with capital cities, states and provinces of select countries. This means that you get to know all the major cities in the world by only using this app. You can test your skills in a game of the US states, South American countries, African countries or even cities in Asia. If you are tough, you can select a foreign country and test your skills like the state capitals of Brazil, prefectures of Japan or even the counties of England.

Also, to make the play more enjoyable, it has all flags of countries all over the world! You will never be confused about world cup teams and flags if you use this app. You will have unlimited fun!

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